Usual control gynaecological examinations with the possibility of taking the PAP smears (the findings in 7 days after taking the smears for bacteriological and virusological analysis) and with a referral slip from HZZO (Croatian Institute for Health Insurence) as well as testing to chlamydia in the Surgery.

Colposcopic (vulvoscopic) examinations in women with premalignant stages in uteri.

Biopsies of suspected tissue in genitals, vagina, cervix or mucous of uterus.

Ultrasonic examinations by vaginal tube with colour doppler (searching for previous forms of malignant diseases of uterus and ovaria and various benign diseases, demonstrating early pregnancy, monitoring ovulation, examining the passability of oviducts i.e. the so called contrast sonography).

Pregnancy Control

Monthly examinations of pregnant women with regular ultrasonic examinations and control of the state by looking for possible malformations or signs indicating the occurence of Down syndrom.

Amniocentesis (punction under ultrasound guidance and aspiration of amnionic fluid) is also performed.

Cardiotocography (recording the heart beats of the fetus and monitoring the activity of uterus).

Small Surgical Operations (in local anesthesia)

  • Elimination of various outgrowths from genitals and vagina
  • Various incisions
  • Biopsies
  • Permanent elimination of premalignant changes on cervix by electrosurgery (so called LLETZ - large excision of transformation zone)
  • Incisions of hymen
  • Marsupialization of the abscesses of Bartollini's gland
  • Fractioned curettage