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Some Data On Life and Career of dr. sc. Jasenka Grujić 

Dr. sc. Jasenka Grujić, the owner of gynaecological surgery and holder of the activity, was born in 1951 in the family of physicians in Zagreb, where she finished the primary school and the classics-programme secondary school (grammar school) and in 1975 graduated from the Zagreb Medical School.

She gained the basic medical experience working in the Ambulance Station in Zagreb as a field physician all until 1980, when she began with her specialist training in gynaecology and obstetrics. After passing the specialist exam in 1985, she worked in the Clinical Hospital "Sestre milosrdnice" as a specialist in gynaecology, at first being engaged in gynaecology of children and adolescents and after that in obstetrics and ultrasonic diagnostics, gaining at the same time also a significant surgical experience.

Since 1988 she was the Head of the Department for Pregnancy Pathology.

She gained a particularly valuable experience working with adolescents at the Department for Pregnancy Planning in Children's Hospital in Zagreb since 1992.

Mrs. Grujić  has published several professional and scientific papers and also won a Master's Degree in 1991 and a Doctor's Degree in 1998.

Besides permanent professional improvement to which she pays particular attention, in recent years she is more and more engaged in diagnostics and treatment of pre-stages of cervix cancer and venereal transmissible diseases.


In spring 1994 in Zagreb, Gupčeva zvijezda 1, a private gynaecological surgery dr. sc. Jasenka Grujić  was opened, and from June 2011 location is changed to adress Gupčeva zvijezda 3A.

Besides all the equipment prescribed by law, in the Surgery there are also some other devices which should be mentioned.

Sonographic examinations are performed using ultrasound device GE Voluson 730 Expert - ultrasound equipment with 3D/4D colour-dopper abdominal and vaginal probe.